SSH终端/SFTP XShell/XFtp 6.0.0121/0115 绿色特别版

Xshell 是一个强大的安全终端模拟软件,它支持 SSH1, SSH2, 以及 Microsoft Windows 平台的 TELNET 协议。

Xshell 通过互联网到远程主机的安全连接以及它创新性的设计和特色帮助用户在复杂的网络环境中享受他们的工作。

Xshell 可以在 Windows 界面下用来访问远端不同系统下的服务器,从而比较好的达到远程控制终端的目的。

Xshell 也可以当做 Windows 系统下的命令控制台程序(CMD)。

《SSH终端/SFTP XShell/XFtp 6.0.0121/0115 绿色特别版》


Xshell 6 (Build 0098)

ADD: Return value of xsh.Dialog.Prompt when Cancel is pressed

ADD: Ability to expand and collapse all folders in Session Manager

ADD: Added $USERNAME, $HOSTNAME, $PATH as Quick Command variables

ADD: Support 460800/921600 baud rate in SERIAL communications

MOD: Ability to change the order of startup sessions

MOD: Horizontal scroll bar fixed regardless of terminal output

MOD: More specific error messages related to authentication

FIX: Changes in highlight colors not displaying immediately in the preview

FIX: Creating a session file in the Session Manager during a search displays incorrect search results

FIX: Multiple scripts mistakenly running in a single session

FIX: Transfer progress of large files not displaying correctly

FIX: Xshell freezes when opening the context menu of a session tab



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