ScreenToGif v2.23.1 免费开源GIF录制工具

ScreenToGif,国外免费开源小巧实用的Gif动画录制工具!使用ScreenToGif 可将屏幕任何区域及操作过程录制成GIF格式的动画图像,保存过程可对GIF动画进行编辑优化。这款优秀的工具原生单执行文件,界面非常简单,功能很不错,具有录制屏幕、录制摄像头、录制画板、编辑器等功能,编辑器功能非常强大,支持自定义Gif循环播放次数,哪些画面不要的话,还开源个别删除掉,相当简单且方便!

《ScreenToGif v2.23.1 免费开源GIF录制工具》


ScreenToGif 2.23.1

Added buttons to navigate to the folder of the extras.

Updated the Chinese (Simplified), Japanese and Dutch translations.

♦ The Options > Extras section was not handling well relative paths, causing a false negative detection of the tools.

ScreenToGif 2.22.1

♦ Fixed a bug with the Gifski encoding which resulted in skewed frames.

♦ The text box that accepts only integers could cause a crash when trying to parse the text.

2020-02-11 v2.20.3

Just some bug fixes.

Bug fixes:

– Some users could not reverse, undo, reset or save projects.

– The feedback tool was not working for some users.

– Some users could not download any external tool (TLS/SSL bug).




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