ScreenToGif v2.27.3 免费开源GIF录制工具

ScreenToGif,国外免费开源小巧实用的Gif动画录制工具!使用ScreenToGif 可将屏幕任何区域及操作过程录制成GIF格式的动画图像,保存过程可对GIF动画进行编辑优化。这款优秀的工具原生单执行文件,界面非常简单,功能很不错,具有录制屏幕、录制摄像头、录制画板、编辑器等功能,编辑器功能非常强大,支持自定义Gif循环播放次数,哪些画面不要的话,还开源个别删除掉,相当简单且方便!

《ScreenToGif v2.27.3 免费开源GIF录制工具》


ScreenToGif 2.27.3

What's new?

Updated the German, Dutch and Hungarian localizations.

Bug fixes:

♦ The FFmpeg video importer was ignoring a 270° rotation of videos.

♦ When trying to download SharpDX to a folder in which you have no write permissions, the app was crashing. Now it asks if you want to elevate the process.

♦ The troubleshooter was not able to reposition correctly the windows when the primary monitor had a scale different than x1.

♦ The recorders where not able to be moved sideways (via arrow keys) correctly when the primary monitor had a scale different than x1 and while having other monitors with different scales.

♦ The older recorder was not opening in the correct position after being closed when in a secondary monitor to the right, while the primary monitor had a scale different than x1.

♦ By using the scroll wheel in the width and height number boxes, while having a screen scale different than 1, it was not moving the cursor to the correct position.

♦ When switching from a smaller screen resolution to a bigger one, the screen selection was not updating and limiting itself to the new available size.

♦ The selection mode of the new recorder was not displaying correctly in the secondary monitor to the left of the main monitor, if it had different scale.

♦ It was possible to start updating the app while encodings were running. Now a warning appears explaining that there is an active encoding being processed.

ScreenToGif 2.27.2

Bug fixes:

♦ If you tried to open the app while not having .Net 4.8 installed, a crash was happening the before the message could appear explaining that .Net 4.8 was required.

♦ Gifski was shrinking the size of gifs bigger than 800×600.

♦ It was not possible to download FFmpeg.




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